April Meeting

Our April meeting came and went.  Kathy presented on hearing loss and health issues.  Behind her is a list of concerns we have with aging and hearing loss.20160424_335

Some of her talk was based on the research by Frank Lin.  Here’s a video we watched about Frank’s research before the talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfnOxmQThiA  The video is captioned and I recommend watching it.  We had a good talk, we had a light lunch and socialized before heading home.

Our chapter meets May 21st as the book club in classroom b/c at the Sanderson Center from 10a-11:30.  The chosen book is All the Light We Cannot by Anthony Doerr.  We have the looped room for the meeting and CART to accommodate everyone and anyone is welcome.  Please join us.

all the light we cannot see

Our next regular HLAA-SLC meeting is June 18th from 10a-12p in the conference room at the Sanderson Center.  We’ll follow the same format for the meeting; an hour of presentation and an hour of socializing.  Our topic is hearing loss and humor.  Keeping a sense of humor helps.  Come share your favorite stories and find laughter from other stories.



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