We are people who do not hear well.  We tend, increasingly, to be isolated. The existing pattern of community life lacks both means of communication and institutions for us to solve our special problems and live normal lives.  For too long, too many of us have accepted a loneliness we are unable to explain to our friends or even to our families.

We do not believe this situation is inevitable.  We believe we can help one another, be helped, and live active, healthy lives.  We need to show each other, our relatives and friends, how.  And, because our hearing loss affects those close to us, we as well as they  must do everything possible to improve communication.  Our primary purpose then, is to educate ourselves, our relatives and our friends about the causes, nature, complications and possible remedies of hearing loss.

We believe that joy in sharing; strength in association; empathy and fellowship with peers; and a chance to help others who are in the same situation, is a way to begin.

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