Lunch and Learn on Wednesday, April 19, noon to 1 pm

Hearing Loss Association of America – Salt Lake City Chapter

Lunch and Learn on Wednesday, April 19, noon to 1 pm on Google Meet

Presenter: Jessica Vázquez-Leavitt, who is the Language Access Program Manager in the Office of Fairness and Accountability (part of the Administrative Office of the Courts).
If you find yourself in the courtroom, when can you request communication assistance?

  • If you’re on the jury?
  • If you’re a witness?
  • If you’re one of the parties in the case?
  • If someone important to you is involved and you’re in the audience?
  • If you’re a lawyer?

What communication assistance does the court provide and what can I bring for my own use?

  • Assistive listening devices?
  • Captions?
  • ASL interpreters?
  • Preferential seating to enable lip reading?

How do we request it?

Learn how the courts are helping people with hearing loss who do not advocate for themselves.

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