Mission Statement

The Hearing Loss Association of America and our members are catalyst that make mainstream society more accessible to people with hearing loss. We strive to improve the quality of the lives of people with hearing loss through education, advocacy, and self-help.

Value Statements

We value:

  • Education: Hearing Loss Association provides adults and children with tools for self-help; sensitizes the general population about the special needs of people with hearing loss and promotes understanding of the nature, causes, complications, and remedies of hearing loss.
  • Advocacy: Hearing Loss Association promotes new technology, medical research, and legislation that will alleviate the effects of hearing loss.
  • Self-Help: Hearing Loss Association promotes self-confidence; empowers individuals with skills to improve their lives; and provides an opportunity for affiliation among people with hearing loss, their friends, families, and professionals.

 Chapter Purposes

  • We are a people of self-help recognizing the limits of the professional ability to serve all our needs.
  • We desire social enrichment.
  • We seek to develop awareness and learn how better to cope.
  • We are not alone, we joy in sharing, gaining strengths in association, and seek empathy and fellowship with peers.
  • We better want to educate ourselves, our relations and our friends about causes, nature, complications and possible remedies of hearing loss.
  • We are a group that wants improvements for people with hearing loss –working together, helping one another to live active, healthy lives.
  • We area people who chose to seek self-help to take charge of our lives.

Join Our Chapter

We typically have meetings every third Saturday from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM. Watch the main page of this website for where.

During the pandemic, we online through Google Meet which has a speech to text option. We meet in person but it depends on circumstances.

We also have CART/live captioning available for each meeting, we consider CART (Communication Access Real-time Translation) the gold standard. With CART, we have a stenographer who records the conversation for us in real time. For more information on CART and captioning, visit the national HLAA website.

There are benefits to being a national HLAA member (see membership page) but you don’t have to be a member to come to our meetings. We welcome anyone with a hearing loss, their family and friends. For more information, contact hearinglossutah@gmail.com.

We have a Facebook Page

You can also watch for meetings on Facebook.

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