March Book Club

Have you ever wanted to attend a book club but didn’t because as hard of hearing you were afraid you’d miss too much?  Here’s your chance to try one….  We will be gathering on March 29th from 2-4 at the Sanderson Center in classroom B/C.  The book of the month is The Horse Whisperer by Nicolas Evans.  We will have the loop on and Julia will be doing the CART.  Feel free to come by even if you haven’t read the book as our discussions on the book can be lively at times.


 For those of you planning to attend, here’s a list of questions:

If you saw the movie and then read the book, what did you think about the ending?

Which ending do you prefer and why?

Did the book engage you?

The story was told by three people; Annie, Grace and Tom. Could the book have been told by one person? Which person do you think could have told the story better?

Who was your favorite character and why?

How do you feel about Annie? And her drive, her career, her choices?

What did you think about Diane (Tom’s sister in law)?

Annie and Grace’s relationship was tense through most of the book, was it a typical mother/daughter relationship to you?

Does Tom’s gift with horses seem too good to be true?

A man wrote this romance, do you think he did a good job in this genre?

There are four themes in the book: worldly success vs the home life, rustic simplicity vs big city angst, the redeeming power of love and the mystic of animals. Which part did you like best?

What one word describes the book for you?

We are taking turns choosing a book each month.  If you have a good one to share in April, let us know at the meeting this month.  Thanks and hope to see you there!

Our Last Meeting March 8th

We had a great meeting on Saturday the 8th of March.  We talked about self-help books and then second half was about hearing loss books in particular.  Helen reviewed  “A Quiet World” by David Meyers.

a quiet world


Kathy reviewed “Odyssey of Hearing Loss: Tales of Triumph” by Michael Harvey.

odyssey of hearing loss

I reviewed “Missing Words: The Family Handbook on Adult Hearing Loss” by Kay Thomsett and Eve Nickerson.

missing words

Perhaps the best part was us sharing why our chosen book meant so much to us.  Those are best part of our HLAA meetings.

  Helen provided us with a long list of books, fiction & nonfiction, that center around hearing loss and deafness.  Robin gave us a list of books about hearing loss available at the Sanderson Center for us to check out.  Yes, the Sanderson Center has a great library of books for us to check out when we want.  Take a look someday.
  Utah-CAN members filled us in about captioned plays coming to Utah.  Keep your eye on their website for place and time.
April 5th The Blueman Group
April 25th Warhorse
May 31st Memphis
July 26th Wicked
  Loop Utah updated all their recent activities which included attending the Utah Speech-Language and Hearing Association’s conference in Park City a few weeks ago.  There was a counter loop at the booth through which they played a sound clip showing people the difference between hearing in a church with hearing aids only and then hearing with a provided loop.  A lot of people ‘got it.’  Dr. Anne Lobdell gave a presentation for the audiologists about hearing loops, the ADA requirements and then a panel of 5 hearing aid users talked about their experiences with the loop which was well received.
  Near the end of our meeting we decided not to meet on our regular Saturday in May which would have been the 17th.  National HLAA is sending their Loop advocate, Juliette Sterkens to us on May 3rd to talk about looping Utah and how we can work on having more hearing-friendly places in Salt Lake to attend.  Loop Utah is heading this up in the looped room, classroom B/C.  A light lunch will be served and there will be a raffle as a fundraiser.  Stay tuned for more information.
 Thanks to those who attended the meeting.  It was great seeing everyone!