Sept. 19th Meeting with Detective Aaron Rosen


The HLAA Salt Lake City chapter is having their meeting September 19th at 9 in the morning to 11:00. It will be in classroom B/C at the Sanderson Center with the hearing loop and CART available.
The topic this month: How We Can Improve our Relationship with Law Enforcement as Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Aaron Rosen will be speaking and taking questions from our audience. He currently works for the Bluffdale City Police Precinct. He is in his 16th year of Law Enforcement. He serves as a Training Coordinator, and School Resource Officer; in addition to his normal patrol and investigative duties. He is the agency’s Crisis Intervention Team Coordinator and SWAT Team Negotiator. He has worked with the Utah Deaf community since he began his career, and has even worked as the Law Enforcement Liaison for the World Deaflympic Games in SLC (2007). He is developing an ASL curriculum for police training, and is preparing to travel to teach this program, in order to raise awareness regarding police/deaf interaction. He lives in South Jordan, with his son, Jordan. His girlfriend, Julie McCleave is also a staff member of the RGSCSDHH.

This is Detective Aaron Rosen.

This is Detective Aaron Rosen.

Detective Rosen will be our first presenter starting at 9:00.  When he is done, Kevin and Charla will share what they learned at the national HLAA convention in Missouri.  Here are some photos they shared with us.

HLAA get aquainted

The Get Acquainted Party

Vendor Hall

Vendor Hall

Vendor Hall

Vendor Hall

HLAA's Keynote Speaker: Senator Tom Harkin

HLAA’s Keynote Speaker: Senator Tom Harkin

Don’t miss our great meeting!

HLAA Book Club, Up Next: Smilla’s Sense of Snow

Last Saturday a group of us met to discuss our last book Fablehaven by Brandon Mull. Fablehaven is a preserve for magical creatures.  Two young children stay with their grandparents, who are the preserve’s caretakers, for the first time.  The oldest, Kendra is a rule follower and her brother Seth is a natural rule breaker.  The kids get in plenty of mischief and then end up saving the preserve.  This is book one in a series.

While it may not have been a favorite among us, the discussion was great between the book club members.  Sharing our thoughts on the book helps us see the book in a different light.  Anyone is welcome to join us, we have CART (real-time captions) and the hearing loop.  Our meetings are at the Sanderson Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in classroom B/C.

Our next book is Smilla’s Sense of Snow by Peter Hoeg and Tiina Nunnely. This is Amazon’s blurb: Smilla’s Sense of Snow presents one of the toughest heroines in modern fiction. Smilla Qaavigaaq Jaspersen is part Eskimo but she lives in Copenhagen and keeps to herself. When her six-year old neighbor is killed, Smilla doesn’t believe it was an accident and begins her own investigation of a case that even the police don’t want to get involved in.  The book was turned into a movie in 1997 with Julia Ormond.smila

Read the book and join us October 17th from 9-10:30 at the Sanderson Center for a discussion on this book.