Humor in Hearing Loss

“People who live successfully with hearing loss must develop the ability to laugh at their mistakes.  This helps to make family, friends and coworkers feel more at ease.  Using self-deprecating humor to relieve tension and laughing with others is an expression of kinship or social bonding.”  Laine Waggonerlaughter 1

Our next meeting is June 18, 2016 from 10a-Noon at the Sanderson Center in the conference room.  Our topic is Hearing Loss and Humor.  We will take a look at Kathy Buckley’s book If You Could Hear What I See.  Kathy grew up with a severe hearing loss and though her childhood must not have been easy, she looks back over it with sense of humor.  She is a stand up comedienne, actress, writer, producer, and humanitarian.  She is also a motivational speaker, traveling all over sharing inspiration.

if you could hear

Laine Waggoner dedication a section in her book to humor and hearing loss.  The quote at the beginning is from her book, Imperative Information for People with Hearing Loss and their Partners written with her husband Rex Waggoner.  We will share some of her insights at the meeting as well.


We cannot leave out Gael Hannan the Better Hearing Consumer from Hearing Health Matters Magazine.  She keeps an updated blog writing about the issues those with hearing loss face daily and she often does it with humor.


Afterwards the discussion of these three ladies, we’ll open up the meeting to share our own funny stories.  There will be a light lunch and drinks at the meeting so come join us!  We’d love to see you.


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