Fun at the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Festival

The HLAA table was ready to go in the morning.  Lots of people stopped by and gathered information, people seemed to be especially attracted to the magazines.



Right behind the HLAA table was the Listen Tech table which had a loop system set up in front of it so people could try the technology.  Many people stopped, were surprised with the difference.  They added their names on a list to be updated on future loop information in our community.

Tired of being out of the loop?

Tired of being out of the loop?

Jodi Goodenough, hard of hearing assistant , gave the presentation of the day on tinnitus.


She also had a table set with technology to help tinnitus and lots of information.

tinnitus booth

All presentations had CART available thanks to Julia, she’s the best.


The area in front of the stage was also looped.  People could go into t-coil mode on their hearing aids and get a much clearer sound for the presentation.  One man who experienced loop for the first time said, “That’s a big difference!”

At 4:00 was the Loop Utah kickoff with Cory Shaeffer.

Cory Shaeffer

 She talked about ADA requirements and how to go about requesting loops at venues we’d like to attend.  Some loop users talked about their experiences with the loop.

Kathy Evans


Mike Shelton  Another of Utah’s hard of hearing assistants, Jenefer Reudter, was at the festival helping people at the technology table.  She showed people how assistive listening technology could help.



Here’s our hard of hearing specialist, Robin Traveller, with Julia taking time out for a picture.

Robin and Julia


There were captioned phones services, the Utah Health department, relay services were represented and even a few financial services.  There were lots of activities for kids, some beautiful craft booths and food available outside. It was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.