May 11th, Hearing Loss & Identity Workshop

HLAA-SLC and DSDHH is teaming up for another Better Hearing and Speech month event this year.  This year our workshop will be on Hearing Loss & Identity.  Hearing loss can affect our personalities and we lose the person we think are. We are embarrassed by it and we hide it making it feel shameful. Let’s discuss that, go over the past and find out why we might think that way.  During the second presentation we will share some tool for accepting hearing loss and moving on our with our lives.

On either side of those presentations we’ll be having fun with a hearing loss quiz and prizes, food and more. Join us by registering at the link below. The event brings together good people, fun times and maybe you’ll learn a few things too.

Register here:


Bring Back Music into Your Life

May is Better Hearing and Speech month and HLAA-SLC is celebrating with an event called Bring Music Back into Your Life on Saturday May 19th from 4-8 PM. This event is made possible with a combined effort from HLAA-SLC, Loop Utah and the Division of Services to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Bring Back Music jpg

In addition to the groups listed above we couldn’t do it without participation from some of our favorite local companies who support hearing loss: CaptionCall, Vibe Music Events, Listen Tech, CapTel, Cochlear America, CostCo Hearing Aids of Sandy UT, Hale Centre Theatre, Relay Utah and the U of U Student Academy of Audiology.

Hearing Loop We Support Url Rev A

We have a lot of activities planned and much of it in the Loop! Our presentations will be in the hearing loop, we will be playing movies in the hearing loop and there’s the accessible dance floor by Vibe Music Events which is itself looped. To experience great sound, make sure your hearing aid and cochlear implants have the telecoil program turned on. What’s a telecoil? (Sometimes called t-coil.) Visit this website,then make an appointment with your audiologist to ask him/her if your hearing aids (cochlear implants have them) have a t-coil because you want to experience hearing loops. Other accommodations include CART (real time captioning) and ASL interpreters so everyone can enjoy the event.

And there’s a lot to enjoy. Make sure you try the accessible dance platform by Vibe in the gym with various genres of music. Finger foods will be available along with devices that have a t-coil so hearing people can see the difference a hearing loops makes too.


We will also have a living room loop set up in the lounge playing Gael Hannan’s Unheard Voices and there will be musical movies playing theater style in the lecture hall which has a hearing loop. Loop products and information will be set up in the conference room along with information, find out how easy it is to install a living room loop or have on installed. Bluetooth information will be available here too because we love both technologies.

Peter McDonald, hearing instrument specialist will be giving a presentation at 5:00 on the hearing aid music program, streaming and apps that can help.  Have you heard of the speech banana? “The “Speech Banana” is a useful visual tool for describing where the sounds used in everyday human speech occur on an audiogram.” Hearing aids are programmed with the sounds of speech in mind but that doesn’t work for music. Learn how another program on your hearing devices can increase your enjoyment of music with Peter.

Maclain 2

At 6:00 experience Maclain Drake’s energy and enthusiasm for music and how he didn’t let hearing loss keep him from it. He takes on acting too. He will talk about the challenges with music and how he works through it all. His passion for making music accessible to all runs deep.  Maclain has had a hearing loss all his life and wears two hearing aids.


maclain 4

Maclain as a young Han Solo.

The best part of this is getting to hang out with your hearing loss tribe. Nothing beats being with others who know what you are going through and how best to to talk to you. Meet others in the community with hearing loss and make new friends, find mentors and learn how it’s possible to live better with hearing loss. Register now here:


Fun at the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Festival

The HLAA table was ready to go in the morning.  Lots of people stopped by and gathered information, people seemed to be especially attracted to the magazines.



Right behind the HLAA table was the Listen Tech table which had a loop system set up in front of it so people could try the technology.  Many people stopped, were surprised with the difference.  They added their names on a list to be updated on future loop information in our community.

Tired of being out of the loop?

Tired of being out of the loop?

Jodi Goodenough, hard of hearing assistant , gave the presentation of the day on tinnitus.


She also had a table set with technology to help tinnitus and lots of information.

tinnitus booth

All presentations had CART available thanks to Julia, she’s the best.


The area in front of the stage was also looped.  People could go into t-coil mode on their hearing aids and get a much clearer sound for the presentation.  One man who experienced loop for the first time said, “That’s a big difference!”

At 4:00 was the Loop Utah kickoff with Cory Shaeffer.

Cory Shaeffer

 She talked about ADA requirements and how to go about requesting loops at venues we’d like to attend.  Some loop users talked about their experiences with the loop.

Kathy Evans


Mike Shelton  Another of Utah’s hard of hearing assistants, Jenefer Reudter, was at the festival helping people at the technology table.  She showed people how assistive listening technology could help.



Here’s our hard of hearing specialist, Robin Traveller, with Julia taking time out for a picture.

Robin and Julia


There were captioned phones services, the Utah Health department, relay services were represented and even a few financial services.  There were lots of activities for kids, some beautiful craft booths and food available outside. It was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Festival

Come to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Festival Saturday, Sept 21, 2013 at the Sanderson Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing located at: 5709 South 1500 West in Taylorsville, UT.  Here’s a link to their flyer:

Below is the schedule of presentations that will be held on the stage inside of the gym.  We will have raffle at every hour.

11:15-12noon – Coping with Tinnitus by Jodi Goodenough
12:15-12:45 – Med-El by Louise Loiselle (Bronze sponsor)
1:15-1:45 – Need a job? by Pamela Mower
1:45-2:00 – (vacant slot but will be filled)
2:15-2:45 – Cochlear Americas by Joe Pelatt (Bronze sponsor)
2:45-3:00 – Beehive Gallaudet Alumni Association
3:13-3:45 – Hamilton Relay by Katie Anderson (Gold sponsor)
3:45-4:00 – Belly Dancing by Hillary LaFrance
4:15-4:45 – Loop Utah! Kick-off by Kristin Rector (in-kind)
4:45-5:00 – Utah Association for the Deaf
5:15-6:00pm – Hearing Aids 101 by Dr. Enoch Cox
6:15-6:30 – Sego Lily Abused of the Deaf (SLCAD) quilt raffle
6:30-6:45 – DSDHH quilt raffle
Robin Traveller, the hard of hearing specialist says: All presentations will be held in the gym and an area (where the chairs will be located) will be looped.  CART and assistive listening devices will be available.  There will be 5 information booths scattered about on our property.
We will have a free hearing test booth provided by Advanced Hearing Center.  Plus, we will have Noisy Planet booth.
Bring your children and grandchildren!  We will have face painting, bouncing house, Tennis, various food vendors, arts and crafts, information booths, Henna painting, Hat making (using paper sacks), ASL story telling, etc

Due to limited parking space around the center, they are putting shuttles to use.  Here’s instructions for parking via pictures:

D-hoh festival parking 1

D-hoh festival parking 2

D-hoh festival parking 3

We hope to see you there!