Local HLAA Members Advocate

Local HLAA member Michael Shelton helped advocate for captions at sporting events at University of Utah.  Here’s a letter he wrote to officials expressing his gratitude for making the event accessible to the hard of hearing…

Last Saturday I went to the Utah vs BYU basketball game at the Huntsman Center.  I had two of my sons with me visiting from out-of-State and I proudly pointed out to them the captioning on both sides of the arena.  I have to honestly say, I never realized how much I missed not hearing the announcements!  It was so awesome being able to look up at the caption after there was some call or a comment made regarding the game.   I consider myself pretty basketball savy and yet being able to read the announcements added so much more to my understanding and enjoyment of the game.
As to the captioning, what I liked was that it is visible for all (hearing or non-hearing alike) and, therefore, not requiring any effort or time checking out an auxiliary device.  What I assume and hope in the future is that the captioning will become a part of the score board, positioned in the center of the arena, so we don’t have not to look away from the action to view the captioning.
The addition of the captioning is truly a great day for the deaf and hard of hearing!  Please convey our heart felt appreciation to all those who have cared and worked so hard to make this possible.
Michael Shelton
You too can make a difference in your community in regards to accessibility.  For more information visit: http://www.utah-can.org