Your HLAA-SLC Chapter

Who is on our chapter steering committee? Karen Faddis is the president, Chelley Wyatt is the treasurer and we have Kathy Evans, Helen Droitsch, Charla and Kevin Dolan on the committee.  We meet every 3 months or so to decide on meeting topics, speakers and other chapter issues.
We have monthly meetings, one month will be a regular chapter meeting with a topic and presentation.  The next month is for social purposes which have decided to be a book club.  Both meetings have CART and the the hearing loop.  If you’d like to see another kind of social gathering, let us know.  We are open to new ideas.
 Our next regular meeting is Nov. 21, 2015 and the topic is “The Importance of Staying Social.”  With holiday celebrations ahead we know how hard it is to be social.  Let’s talk about why we shouldn’t withdraw and what we can do make these situations better.  Refreshments and coffee will be available.
Our last book club featured “Smilla’s Sense of Snow” by Peter Hoeg.  We enjoyed it thoroughly. The next book will The Giver by Lois Lowry which was made into a movie with the winter scenes being filmed in Utah at Solitude ski resort. It’s a quick read and if you haven’t tried the book club yet this is your chance.  I will set up a date for early December and announce it soon.
Also in December we will have our annual potluck social at our president’s house.  Our November theme fits right in with this except you are among your tribe so communication will be a lot easier.  We are shooting for December 12th. An announcement will be coming soon.
In 2016 we are changing our meeting times from 10am-Noon.  We wanted to make it an hour later in the mornings to give the ones who live further away a little more time to get to the meeting.  The meetings will still be at the Sanderson Center and every third Saturday of the month.  We are going to swap out the book club and regular meetings so it will be book club in January and our regular meetings in February and so on.
The national chapter leader resigned from his position so the national office is looking for someone to replace him. We look at this as a good thing and look forward to someone more active stepping into the role.
Kathy has forwarded some information from the national office, thank you Kathy for helping out. The latest one generated some discussion which is good. Here’s the website related to the discussion:  It’s report on Aging America & Hearing Loss: Imperative of Improved Hearing Technologies.

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