Summer Social Friends

Last night HLAA-SLC had their summer social.  We had a great group of people with fairly easy to understand conversation.  We talked a little louder, slowed our speech some and repeated as necessary.  We started out sitting in a circle so we could easily face one another.  Sometimes there were two conversations at once (we can’t help that in a group larger than 6) but we could choose which conversation to follow.  Most of the time we had one conversation to follow.


Dinner was prepared as appreciation for the chapter members.  Dinner was served around 3 tables put together which could have made it a little harder for people to follow conversation except we were conscious of the fact and people shifted to allow everyone to see.  Anyone could have made a communication request and it would have been seen to, that’s the great part of socializing with others who also have hearing loss.   FullSizeRender (4)  Two of our members attended the HLAA convention in St. Louis and they told us about Tom Harkin (the keynote speaker) and how wonderful his presentation on getting accommodations for the Deaf and hard of hearing.  They talked about several workshops they attended and also about the banquet where they got to know other HLAA people.  Here a couple of pictures they shared with us:


Charla and Kevin attended the 2015 HLAA convention in St. Louis.

Tom Harkin was an impressive keynote speaker.

Tom Harkin was an impressive keynote speaker.

Our next gathering is our bi-monthly book club which is August 15th at 9am.  A post about the book will follow soon.

Our next chapter meeting is September 19th.  More information will follow soon.

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