Changes in the Chapter

Last weekend we had a social at Mike and Donna’s house.  There was great food and plenty of time to talk to each other.  (We apologize to those who didn’t get the invite to the social and will make sure it comes across our yahoo email list next time.)  It was a perfect summer evening for a few special announcements.

The chapter presidency has changed from me (Chelle) to Karen. Woo-hoo, thank you Karen for stepping up.  It’s good to change our leadership every so often because everyone brings something new to the position adding more to the chapter.  It keeps a chapter healthier.

I’m now taking the treasurer’s spot.  Many, many thanks to Kathy for being the treasurer for so many years.  She held the spot in the best of times and in the worst times to keep the chapter going.  Bless you Kathy, we appreciate beyond words.

Here are some pictures from the dinner the other night.

Robin and Helen

Robin and Helen

Fred, Kathy and Karen

Fred (Kathy’s husband), Kathy and Linda 

Don, Karen and Donna

Don, Karen and Donna

Don and his wife.

Don and his wife, Marian.

Mike and Karen's husband

Mike and Karen’s husband Chris

Karen, our new president. I gave her a tiara to go with the new position.

Karen, our new president. I gave her a tiara to go with the new position.

Table view

Table view

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