Rice-Eccles Stadium Now Captioned

Written by Joshua Jackson of Utah-CAN

Did you have a hard time hearing those refs with all that cheering and boos during the games, or game plays, or announcements that go on throughout the games? I do and many people at the games do. It is not only the deaf and hard of hearing that struggle, there are hearing folks who struggle as well! I am happy to announce the University of Utah Stadium/Venues are now offering captions!

I am a season ticket holder for the Utah football games and am proud that I have had captioning for the first 3 games. They are using a mini tablet for the time being and plan to add a small LED board just for captioning on the northeast corner of Rice-Eccles Stadium midway of this season. After that, they are hoping to see a brand new Jumbotron in the next year or 2 that will also have a permanent spot for captioning. Exciting news!

As far as the tablet, there have been some issues and I am working closely with the folks at Rice-Eccles Stadium with any problems I come across with them. They have been very responsive and I feel like they are working their hardest to get it working flawlessly. When the captions work, it is incredible to know exactly what is going on and it has turn out that the fans surrounding me have found the tablet useful when they do not hear something going on during the game, they would be asking me what was said on the tablet! This is a big deal for us and I am excited to look forward to the big changes when the install the new LED boards for everyone in the stadium to be able to follow what’s being said throughout the games. So be sure you try to get a chance to go to the Utes football game with captions available and get your tablet from Guest Services on the east or west side of the stadium.

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