Hearing Loss Association of America, Salt Lake Chapter Meeting, Saturday March 21, 10-12

Are you researching your options and have questions on what to expect? Do you know what to expect once you friend or family member gets a new hearing device? I know from past experience while traveling the rocky road of hearing loss with my grandmother, previous Panels held at HLAA meetings helped me understand what to expect, from both the medical profession and the individuals who depend on the devices for daily life. Join us for a great panel discussion.

Solo Traveling with Hearing Loss

We are excited to have Michele Linder present at our HLAA chapter meeting on November 17th from 10 AM to noon on traveling with a hearing loss. Get over your fear of traveling with hearing loss! Michele has good tips and strategies on conquering solo traveling.  Michele has no usable hearing and gets by on lipreading (and sometimes notes back and forth) in life as well as traveling in foreign countries successfully.  Also, chapter members Charla and Kevin will tell us how to make sure cruise ships are accessible to our hearing loss.

Traveling Solo with HL

Potluck Social Sept. 16, 2017

Our next HLAA chapter meeting will be Saturday, September 16 from 10 AM to Noon. We’re having a pot luck brunch, so bring your favorite brunch food! There will also be time for visiting, sharing ideas, and even a game to help us all interact a little more.

We meet at the Sanderson Center in classroom B-C. This room has a hearing loop and we’ll have captions available as well.

We hope you’ll join us. 

HLAA-SLC Book Club March 18th

Our January book group was canceled due to snow so we are discussing Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Book Store by Robin Sloan March 18th instead.  We meet at the Sanderson Center at 10 – 11:30 AM in classroom B/C with the hearing loop and live captioning.  Please join us.  It’s a wonderful book and the discussion is sure to be a good one.


Merry Christmas 2016!


The HLAA Salt Lake City chapter had its winter social last weekend.  It was another wonderful potluck social and our now traditional white elephant gift exchange.





There’s nothing like socializing with others who are hard of hearing also.  We enjoyed each others company immensely.

HLAA-SLC has two potluck socials a year; one in July and another in December.  Our 2017 meeting schedule is posted to the left.  There are some topics yet to be announced (TBA) and we’ll update as soon as we can.  All our meetings are captioned and most of our meetings in 2017 will be in the looped room at the Sanderson Center to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

We have two very special events in 2017.  Mark calendars!

The Better Speech and Hearing Expo on May 20th from 9 Am – 5 PM at the Sanderson Center.  Loop Utah and HLAA-SLC are coming to together to create a day of learning and fun.  Stay tuned for more information.

The national HLAA convention will be here in Salt Lake City June 22-25.  All workshops are captioned  and have hearing loops.  The exhibit hall has many wonders and that part of the convention is free to all.

Humor in Hearing Loss

“People who live successfully with hearing loss must develop the ability to laugh at their mistakes.  This helps to make family, friends and coworkers feel more at ease.  Using self-deprecating humor to relieve tension and laughing with others is an expression of kinship or social bonding.”  Laine Waggonerlaughter 1

Our next meeting is June 18, 2016 from 10a-Noon at the Sanderson Center in the conference room.  Our topic is Hearing Loss and Humor.  We will take a look at Kathy Buckley’s book If You Could Hear What I See.  Kathy grew up with a severe hearing loss and though her childhood must not have been easy, she looks back over it with sense of humor.  She is a stand up comedienne, actress, writer, producer, and humanitarian.  She is also a motivational speaker, traveling all over sharing inspiration.

if you could hear

Laine Waggoner dedication a section in her book to humor and hearing loss.  The quote at the beginning is from her book, Imperative Information for People with Hearing Loss and their Partners written with her husband Rex Waggoner.  We will share some of her insights at the meeting as well.


We cannot leave out Gael Hannan the Better Hearing Consumer from Hearing Health Matters Magazine.  She keeps an updated blog writing about the issues those with hearing loss face daily and she often does it with humor.


Afterwards the discussion of these three ladies, we’ll open up the meeting to share our own funny stories.  There will be a light lunch and drinks at the meeting so come join us!  We’d love to see you.


April Meeting

Our April meeting came and went.  Kathy presented on hearing loss and health issues.  Behind her is a list of concerns we have with aging and hearing loss.20160424_335

Some of her talk was based on the research by Frank Lin.  Here’s a video we watched about Frank’s research before the talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfnOxmQThiA  The video is captioned and I recommend watching it.  We had a good talk, we had a light lunch and socialized before heading home.

Our chapter meets May 21st as the book club in classroom b/c at the Sanderson Center from 10a-11:30.  The chosen book is All the Light We Cannot by Anthony Doerr.  We have the looped room for the meeting and CART to accommodate everyone and anyone is welcome.  Please join us.

all the light we cannot see

Our next regular HLAA-SLC meeting is June 18th from 10a-12p in the conference room at the Sanderson Center.  We’ll follow the same format for the meeting; an hour of presentation and an hour of socializing.  Our topic is hearing loss and humor.  Keeping a sense of humor helps.  Come share your favorite stories and find laughter from other stories.